New mate for fish at Bristol Zoo

24 January 2010


A fish which has been labelled the "ugliest" in Bristol Zoo has now got a mate, it has been revealed.


The giant gourami, called Gladys, has been without contact with others of her species for the last four years.


In a new development, however, the aquatic animal has been paired up with a male named Gerry, who is sharing her tank along with dozens of other tropical fish.


With the scientific name Osphronemus goramy, giant gourami can grow up to 70cm in length and can live for a quarter of a century.


In their native habitats in Asia, they feed on water weeds, crustaceans, fish and frogs.


Commenting on the animals, assistant curator of the aquarium at Bristol Zoo Jonny Rudd said: "They are such charismatic fish - although some people think they are ugly - yet Gladys has always been one of the most popular fish in the aquarium."


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