Inkie: See No Evil Bristol graffiti and street art festival interview

09 August 2012


Inkie: See No Evil Bristol graffiti and street art festival interview


Street artist Inkie is one of the most notorious and prolific graffiti writers in UK history to emerge out of the 80’s Bristol scene. Inkie is now celebrated in the city as one of the creators of Bristol's major celebration of graffiti and street art, See No Evil.


Painting alongside 3D, Nick Walker and Banksy, in 1989 the ‘Kingpin’ was arrested as the head of 72 other writers in the UK's largest ever Graffiti bust, Operation Anderson, and went on to come second in the 1989 world street art championships.


Inkie has since worked as head of design for SEGA, Xbox, Jade Jagger’s in-house designer as well as running a West London design studio creating prints, illustrations, clothing. With his trademark beauty on large-scale pieces, the globally respected artist, whose diverse inspirations collect Mayan architecture, William Morris, Mouse & Kelly, Alphons Mucha, The Arts & Crafts movement and Islamic geometry, has exhibited worldwide. He has been denounced as Banksy’s right hand man by The Daily Mail and simultaneously lauded by The Times, his art published in the books Banksy’s Bristol, Children of the Can, Graffiti World, Street Fonts and magazines GQ, Rolling Stone, Computer Arts, Huck, Graphotism and Dazed & Confused.


Guide2Bristol spoke to Inkie about graffiti art and See No Evil.


Hi Inkie! Who or what first inspired you to get into street art?

The book Subway Art and the film Style Wars both released around 1984/85


What was your first piece of street art?

A piece called 'Stink' in Cotham along with FLX and Jinx


Where in the world or on what landmark would you most like to paint?

I don’t really like painting on great architecture but an old factory in Russia would be pretty cool or on Le Courbusiers church Notre Dame du Haut in France


If you could collaborate with any other artist in the world who would it be and why?

TATs Cru and Mark Bode because they are my favourite artists and inspired me from an early Will Barras because he is just amazingly talented!


What’s your favourite piece of art that you have done?

Probably a wildstyle I did for Brisfest a few years back, The colours really popped or a wildstyle I painted at Moston graff jam back in 1989... it was plain white and very complex.


If you had infinite supplies and funding what would your dream piece be to create?

Maybe to paint an entire building inside and out and design all the details like door handles, tiles, stain glass etc.


In the current street art scene, who do you admire and why?

Eine for his prolificness and going BIG, 123 Klan for their graphic works.


Who do you see in the next couple of years making a big impact on the world of street art?

Kid Zoom, Ron English's understudy, he is very talented.


Do you feel the attitude of the general public and the authorities has changed towards street artists? If so then why?

The authorities nowadays have grown up with graffiti and some of them probably painted it so attitudes have changed and it is accepted as part of our society. Also the quality has improved :-)


How do you think See No Evil can benefit the street art movement?

The more events like this the better. There are several others across europe and the artist networks are growing with each event creating collaborations and artist visits to different countries.


For more information on the See No Evil 2012 event running 13-19 August, visit


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