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25 December 2011



Here at Guide2 Bristol we love Christmas, and if there’s one person who knew how to create a proper Bristol Christmas recipe, that person would be Fanny Cradock.


Fanny Cradock was a celebrated chef in the sixties and seventies, and her recipes were staples for anyone who considered themselves members of the dinner party set – or at least aspired to be.


For our Guide2Bristol Christmas dinner we will be tucking into a turkey cooked in the traditional Fanny Cradock way – plenty of ham, and mushrooms! If you fancy doing something similar, take a look at these two videos from Fanny Cradock Cooks for Christmas, a BBC series of ten minute cooking tips from 1975. Fanny’s turkey recipe apparently ‘does nothing for the bird’s figure, but it does keep the bird moist.’ For anyone in Bristol who has ever had a dry turkey disaster (and we’ve had a few), that will be music to your ears.


Fanny also shows you how to carve a turkey properly in part two, as well as goose. The quality isn't great, but they are all on BBC iPlayer at the moment too, watch them there if Youtube isn't your thing.


So that’s the way we are going to be cooking our Christmas turkey, and if you want a whole heap of recipes for Christmas party foods, check out the other videos in Fanny’s series, they may look a little dated but they are certainly a lot of fun! You’ll also get to see Fanny’s famous assistant Sarah, but sadly no appearance by her ever faithful Johnnie.


Whatever you do for Christmas, everyone here at Guide2Bristol wishes you all the best, and see you on the other side!


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