Arts festival proposed to launch Bristol Creative Youth Network Station hub

04 December 2011



A special arts festival to mark the launch of Bristol’s youth hub was just one of the exciting proposals that came out of a conference held recently at the Watershed.


Bristol’s Creative Youth Network are currently developing a £7.5 million world-class youth hub, named the Station, that will provide an all-inclusive support network for young people in the Bristol community. The Station is due to open in autumn 2012 and will boast state-of-the-art facilities including radio and music stations, a large performance space and workshops. It is hoped that by unlocking their creative the full potential of Bristol’s young people may be realised.


At a special conference held recently at the Watershed on the Harbourside representatives of several local organisations came together to discuss ways in which the Station can be used by the community to inspire young people. The conference was attended by more than 70 people; opening the meeting Sandy Hore-Ruthven, Chief Executive of the Creative Youth Network, told attendees that “The future of Bristol’s young people is at the forefront of the Station. We want to give every young person the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential, irrespective of challenging or underprivileged backgrounds.”


Following a Q&A session the group came up with over 20 new ideas for innovative youth projects, all of which were added to a map of the Station drawn on the floor. The idea to hold an arts festival to celebrate the launch of the creative hub was one of the most exciting proposals.


Programme Director Rachel O’Connor said that one of the key messages of the conference was that the new facility will belong to Bristol and that “every young person has a stake in it.”


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