Bristol Zombie Walk invades city centre

30 October 2011



The annual Zombie Walk took over the centre of Bristol yesterday, as hundreds of zombies roamed throughout the streets of the city.


Around a thousand people dressed as zombies and other undead creatures gathered at Kings Square in Bristol at 3.30PM before starting a ‘walk’ that took them through Broadmead shopping centre before ending at Castle Park.


The Bristol Zombie Walk is now in its fifth year. The event is organised through Facebook and attracts people from across the country who create realistically scary costumes. People at the walk came as a variety of zombie characters, including pirates, nurses, chefs, footballers, Victorian gentlemen and convicts. People also came dressed as dead celebrities, including Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson.


The zombie walk has traditionally been a peaceful affair, but there were several arrests this year after a group of people climbed on to a police van that had been parked on the walk route. There were also reports of individuals setting off fireworks amongst the walkers.


There is suggestion by the organisers of the Bristol Zombie Walk that the event will not happen again as it had been spoiled by the actions of these people. On the Walk’s Facebook page event organiser Rhiannon Roberts posted, “Because of you, that's it. It is over. We will not be able to do this next year. We had large scale plans for next year, but we will never get permission for it now."


She continued,”On multiple occasions it has been stated that this walk was not a political movement, we are not trying to change people's minds, we are zombies. We wanted fun, only fun. It was only ever about fun.”


The Facebook group has over 4700 members, and the reception of the event by participants and the general public has been overwhelmingly positive. Zombies posed for photographs with shoppers and tourists who they passed on the walk.


Bristol City Council made news headlines last year when Peter Holt, service director of communication and marketing responded to a resident’s enquiry about the city’s preparedness for a zombie invasion with details of the Council’s “top secret” strategy document for dealing with such an event.


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